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Sage 50 Full Payment Submission Error

There are numerous things to take into account when submitting full payment. Once the full payment submission has been made, the preceding pay period might need to be modified. Every time you pay an employee, you must process HMRC. Employee data, employee payments, and student loan and tax contributions are all included. The Sage payment submission error, which is a problem very similar to the Sage 50 FUTA Error alert, can be fixed using the troubleshooting method provided by the AccountsPro team.

Why Do Sage 50 Payroll Submit Errors Occur?

Here are several causes and circumstances for Sage 50 Payroll Errors that happened when filing payroll.

  • Corrupted gas_msil folder
  • Chosen wrong tax code
  • Incorrect NI category
  • Wrong credentials

The Sage 50 Payment complete Payment Submission Error: How to Fix It

Method 1- Re-submit FDS Adjustment:

You might need to submit payroll adjustments or correct a mistake more than once. For instance, you might need to forget about paying an employee overtime, or you might process an employee with the erroneous tax code or incorrect NI category, or you might even need to abruptly change the Sage 50 Payroll Frequency. In this, you need to insert it in the appropriate approach. Therefore, you must go back and accurately complete the payment in order to repair the full payment submission. The steps for submitting an FDS adjustment are as follows:

  • The process data should first be set to the same date as the preceding FPS. On the employee list, beneath the column labelled Last FPS Date, you may confirm this.
  • Click on the Employee list to choose the desired employees
  • Hit Payroll button
  • Choose the FDS Adjustment tab
  • Select Continue and then choose to Submit
  • Verify the employee info & liability adjustment
  • Now print the page if you require it for the records
  • Hit Submit then choose the Click here button to view & print the submission log
  • Choose Close

Method 2-Delete GAC_32/ GAS_MSIL folder:

Make sure you took a backup of the Sage payroll system with the below steps:

  • Locate File button
  • Click Backup option
  • Now close the system and delete the following folders:
  • Open Windows key+R to launch the Run window
  • Fill C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_MSIL
  • Hit OK
  • Now delete the below folders:
    • Esubs. view
    • Esubs.viewmodel
    • Esubs.model
    • Esubs.model.interfaces
    • SgEData
    • SgELauncher

Method 3-Modify the Previous Tax Year Change in Sage 50 Cloud Payroll

When submitting a revision for the tax year 2020/2021 or earlier, choose the option labelled Amend a previous tax year. The procedure to update a prior tax year in Sage 50cloud payroll is as follows:

  • Make sure you have rollback and re-run the payroll for the desired employees
  • You can submit an adjustment to HMRC till the tax year liability differentiate from the originally submitted one
  • Locate the navigation bar named payroll
  • Choose “change process date”
  • Fill the last day of the tax year you require submitting the modification for
  • Next hit the OK button
  • Now give a click on the Employee list then hit on the desired employees
  • Hit on the navigation bar named e-Submissions then choose “amend a previous tax year”
  • Select Continue then hit Submit button
  • Now verify the details of the employee & liability adjustment
  • Hit Submit button
  • Give a click here to check and point to the submission log to print a copy
  • Choose the desired printer tab and then select the Print button
  • Hit Close button

Method 4- Fix The Basic Submission Error

The majority of submission issues occur when sending FDS to HMRC through Sage 50 Cloud payroll. Find the error code from the list below, then click the error number to access the necessary information:

  • 1046: It is an authentication error that appears when there are wrong user credentials
  • 4999: It is an internal schema validation issue
  • 7801: When there is an incorrect Employee PAYE or Accounts Office reference
  • 5045: If there existing filed an actual return
  • 7804: If the full payment submission does not receive and validated successfully for the scheme reference.
  • 7805: It happens when service is not available
  • 7808: This submission failed to accept as the employer Alignment submission is needed for the employer reference
  • 7811: This submission error often displays when the aligned submission has commenced
  • 7841: if the provider starter form is absent
  • 7802: This submission error message if you have not been invited for submitting that type

Assistance With Sage 50 Submission Issue: Unable To Make Full Payment

The article is finished here! Hopefully, you are no longer bothered by the Sage 50 Payroll Full Payment Submission Error. Get in touch with the knowledgeable team by a live chat, phone call, or email if you have any remaining questions or encounter a problem that does not appear on the list. The specialists are just a step away! Send Sage 50 Payroll Support a message to receive the best solution available.

FAQs : Failed , Unsuccessful, Can’t Process Full Payment Submission Sage 50

Why Is There A 7806 Error In The Window When I Try To Submit FPS?

Check whatever the filing period is. If it falls inside the recommended filing time, it may be rejected. You can also interact with the Sage 50 Chat Support team.

Why Do I Keep Getting Sage 50’s “1046” Error Code?

It is as a result of the failed authentication. You need to check the supplied user credentials for any failed service validation in order to remedy this.

Is It Necessary To Write The Reason For The Late Payments While FDS Submission?

Yes, you must specify why the FDS was submitted late.

What Do I Need For The FDS Submission In Sage 50?

Following are the steps

  • Embed any new starters who joined the company since the previous FDS
  • Insert any employees that are not being paid in the period on hold
  • Now mark the employees as the leaver
  • Update & Process the pay period as normal

Exactly how can I fix the Sage 50 Submission Error?

You require to delete folders from the folder named gac_32 or gas_msil



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