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User Can’t Restore Sage 50 From Backup

Nowadays, a variety of software tools have been developed to help businesses of all sizes with their accounting operations. Sage 50 has proven to be the most practical of all of them.

This is as a result of its extensive accounting tools and features and efficient working environment. Like other software packages, Sage 50 has the potential to occasionally experience technical problems. Sage 50 restoring errors, often known as errors during Sage 50 backups, are among the frequent problems.

You can contact Powerbookllc by calling the Sage Support Number at any time of the day to learn more about the mistake in detail and how to fix it.

Why Unable Restoring Sage From Back Up ?

The following are the causes of the restore error in Sage 50:

  • Damaged or corrupt backup file
  • Backup used is of an older version
  • Backups are compressed i.e. present as zip file

The Sage 50 software may lose data despite the fact that any of the aforementioned causes could be to blame. A backup is made to ensure that the data is securely kept and that it may be recovered if necessary.

How to Fix Sage 50 Restoring Backup Failed

Method 1: Repair damaged backup files
The backup is damaged when you save files directly to a removable device. The steps to resolve the issues include:

  1. Save the backup to local drive
  2. Copy it
  3. Paste it to the removable media
  4. This will allow the Sage 50 files and folders to get restored successfully
  5. In case, the error still persists, you can rename the backup file and change the extension from .PTB to .ZIP
  6. If the error still persists, know that your backup is of no use now

Method 2: If the older version is the problem

  1. Install the latest version of the software or simply upgrade to it
  2. Make sure you don’t get the error notification anymore

Method 3: If the file is as .ZIP

  1. Make sure you extract the .ZIP file
  2. Then restore it

Method 4: Clean out the company folder

  1. Create a backup for your company file
  2. You can also copy the company file and then paste it in a duplicate folder
  3. Exit the company
  4. Clean the company folder by deleting some of the files, including .dat files, DDF files, LCK files, MCD files, PTR files, RPT files, etc. Make sure you don’t delete the PTB files
  5. Reopen the software
  6. Try and restore again

Method 5: Simply restore a backup

  1. Locate the backup of company file
  2. Restore the backup into new company

Technical Support Sage 50 Restore Not Working Issue

You can get in touch with our Powerbookllc Sage 50 Chat support professionals if you have any questions about how to fix the mistake. It has a team of competent people to handle various Sage 50 concerns. Simply dial the Sage 50 helpline at +1-866-973-9785 to receive assistance.

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