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Security Privileges Issue Sage 50

Sage 50 occasionally interrupts the process with the error message “unable to ascertain security privileges” when users attempt to open the company file or configure the security privileges. When the system discovers a Sage 50 Corrupted Company folder or a corrupted pervasive service, this error typically occurs. There are other factors at play, though. The solution to the SAGE 50 fails to determine security privileges error is compiled in the post below.

Why Did Sage 50 Fail To Recognize The Security Privileges Error?

There are many reasons associated with company file failure issues:

  • This error triggers when another user is blocking the important file access temporarily
  • A user is in Maintain and company information section
  • If Sage 50 has been closed suddenly or incorrectly
  • Corrupted company folder while file restore
  • Damaged Pervasive or stuck important service – Refer Sage 50 Error Install Pervasive
  • Failed to open a company file on an external device

Sage 50 Won’t Detect Security Privileges Error: How to Fix It?

Here is the list of methods to fix failing to determine security privileges in Sage 50:
Solution 1- Use an external media device to open a company file:
In case you are accessing the company file on an external drive then you have to perform the company file movement to an internal hard drive. Also learn what you can do when Sage 50 Unable To Open Company . After this try to re-open the company files.
Solution 2- Closeout of company info page:

  • The error code unable to determine security privileges might happen when you try to open the company file on one system when another system has an active company information window
  • Now close the window named company information page on the other workstation and then retry

Solution 3- Open the server to restart the pervasive service:
Here are the steps you need to restart the service named pervasive:

  • Ensure that everyone is turned out of Sage 50
  • Open the server
  • Choose Windows +R button to display the Run window
  • Enter service.msc
  • Hit Enter button
  • Search the service named Pervasive PSQL Workgroup engine
  • Now pause the service
  • Once the service has been stopped then restart the service
  • Verify to view if you can now into the company file

Solution 4- Reboot all systems including the server:

  • Ensure that all users are being logged out of the Sage 50
  • Now reboot the server and all workstations

Solution 5-Clear the Company Folder:

  • Search to the company file folder
  • Now discover the company directories with the below steps:
    • Initially, you have to search the company directories file within the Sage 50 application
    • Next, choose the Maintain button
    • Click on Company information
    • Now open the window
    • Search the directory line as only this will let you search the location to open the company
    • Hit on the option named File
    • Click on the Open Company button. It will let you locate all the companies in the listed data path
    • It will display no company open window
    • Now hit on the option named Open an existing company using the main sage page
    • It will show the history of opened companies with the location of the company file in the Directory column
    • Find the specific company data folder
  • Now begin the process of cleaning out the company folder with the below-given files:
    • Alarm.dat
    • All files of type DATtemp
    • All files of type DATptl
    • Cosess.dat
    • Connco.dat
    • All files of type DDF
    • All files of type PTL
    • All files of type PTR
    • All files of type LCK
    • All files of type MKD
    • All files of type RPT

Solution 6-Uninstall/Reinstall Pervasive:
Here are the steps to uninstall the Pervasive service:

  • First of all close the Sage 50 application
  • Hit the Windows+R key to display a Run window
  • In the dialog box write Control Panel
  • Press Enter button
  • Choose Programs & Features button
  • Below it, select Uninstall tab to start uninstalling the database engine labeled as Pervasive PSQL workgroup engine
  • Next close the control panel window

Reinstall the Pervasive service Sage 50

  • You require to locate the location”C:Sage\Sage50\Sage_[version]” to search the installation folder
  • Now open the folder named PervasiveMin
  • Next, run the advanced version file SetupWorkgroup32_x86.exe
  • Hit the Next tab to accept the pervasive database service license agreement
  • After accepting the license you need to give a hit on the Next tab to choose the option named” Run as a service”
  • It will complete the process
  • Now choose the button named complete
  • Hit the Next tab to complete pervasive database service installation
  • At last click on the Finish, tab to complete the applied changes and to verify the duration the error has been fixed or not
  • If you are unable to resolve the issue then click on ‘start repair’

Solution 7: Run a program repair:
Some tools, free provided to users by Sage company like Sage 50 Maintenance and Repair or Sage 50 Database Repair Utility for repairing damaged data or company file Sage 50 Desktop.

  • Hit on the Start button
  • Now in the search field, you need to enter appwiz.cpl
  • Next Hit Enter button
  • Open the Programs & Features button, now right-click on the Sage 50 Accounting option
  • Choose Change tab
  • Click on the Repair button
  • Select Next tab
  • It will run the repair
  • At last hit on Finish button
  • Now start installing the program updates as required

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