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This type of issue may happen while executing the report or creating the report.

Sage CRM 2018 R3: Issue while exporting report to XLSX

The reporting feature of Sage CRM has made it possible to efficiently and clearly understand all of the work data. Users can either use different criteria, such as date, company, or record stage, to receive the data in the right way, or they can download all the data at once. The ability to view reports in various ways is another benefit of getting data in various formats. However, have you ever been into a situation where the report was accessible via screen options but not Excel?

The data from the report was displayed on the screen and in the PDF as we attempted to extract the data into Excel, we encountered an error stating that “An error occurred while running the report.” report generation error You can use the screenshot below as a guide.

At first, we speculated that it might be related to a Tomcat service outage. You can go to the link below for part six of the error when exporting reports to Excel in CRM.

However, when I tried to import data from other reports into Excel, it was successful. Even in the SQL and system logs, we couldn’t locate any information about the errors. Thus, the only option left was to run the report while removing each output column individually. That’s when we realised that the report output’s newly added integer field was what caused the problem.


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