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When a Sage Driver Company is opened following the update of the Sage Account, this issue occurs.

Error Sage Drive Issues Sage Drive Company’s launch at a remote location

When you open the Sage Drive Company after upgrading your Sage software to a later version, you might encounter the following error:

The fact that the chosen Sage Drive company is still utilising the older version could be the source of the issue. Before accessing this company file, the data/file must have been upgraded to the installed version of Sage Accounts. Sage Drive issue is not the only issue you might encounter; you might also encounter other Errors like Sage Error 1607 and Sage Accpac Error 49153.

Exact Error Displayed When User Experiences Sage Drive Issues

Causes of Sage Drive Problems

Because the data is not in the data stream, Sage Drive issues are caused by this.

Read on for more information in detail:

Three primary reasons of the Sage Drive issue have been identified. Determine the precise root of the issue before attempting any resolution methods.

  • The remote site for Sage Accounts has been updated to the newer version, but not the main site.
  • Although the distant site was upgraded and the data was finished, the primary site was not upgraded.
  • The main site’s computer is no longer accessible.


Check to see if Sage is activated, then close and reopen it to see if that fixes the damaged data on the Sage drive.

  • 4Mbps Minimum download speed.
  • 2Mbps minimum upload speed.

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