Sage Error Code 5003 | +1-866-973-9785

This error happens if there is a problem or error with the Sage server used for payments.

Error number:
Error message:

5003 : ERROR : Internal server error.


If you see this message, Opayo systems have experienced a code-related fault. This might have been brought on by data uploaded to the Opayo server or a problem with the Opayo server.

TEST Server – If you’re using our TEST platform and getting this error message, the protocol version you’re using for your transactions is to blame.

This error will appear for any transactions that are being handled by our test system utilising protocol version 2.23 or earlier. This is because Opayo form transactions can only be supported by the Opayo TEST system with protocol version 3.00.


Please review the data that is being posted to the Opayo server by your server. If you are still receiving this error message and are unable to determine the source, please get in touch with the Opayo support team so that we can further investigate this problem.

TEST Server – You must update your Opayo protocol version to 3.00 in order to stop this error message from appearing. See our straightforward guide for more details on how to upgrade to protocol 3.00.

You won’t be able to process any transactions through our TEST system if you don’t update your protocol version.

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