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when the sales or purchase aged balance is in dispute between the creditors or debtors.

Need to Repair Sage 50 Data? If there are errors or invoice/order warnings in your Sage 50 or 50cloud Accounts data, we provide an option to using Sage’s data restoration service

Why should you use Adept to fix Sage data errors?

  • The repair of over 2000 Sage 50 Data Sets was successful.
  • Numerous happy clients from throughout the globe.
  • Each of our lead repair specialists has more than 30 years of experience working with Sage 50 and its forerunners.
  • We can offer a weekend or overnight service, depending on capacity.

Which errors and warnings can we fix?

  • Almost every mistake type that Sage’s Check Data
  • obscure errors that Check Data does not identify.
  • The famed error message, “You must restore from a backup.”
  • Linkage corruption for the SOP, POP, and invoice modules (reported as Warnings up to Sage v25 but now classified as Errors in v26.1 and above)*
  • Mistakes that make Check Data or other Sage components hang.
  • Stock Allocations and Quantities Used.
  • Our good old friend Transaction 0.
  • Aged Balance warnings.

What is corruption in linkages?

  • Every time a new SO, PO, or Invoice is entered, this type of corruption causes the Item Lines for earlier SOs, POs, or Invoices to become jumbled up.
  • The Check Data routine in Sage versions 26 and earlier reports this as a Warning, but Sage versions 26.1 and up now correctly report them as Errors. Your computer will display a message that sounds something like “Invoice or Order 12345 total net different from sum of item net values.”
  • However, other forms of corruption can also be to blame for these Warnings/Errors. Please avoid attempting to delete the corrupted invoices or orders because doing so could make the problem worse. Regrettably, Sage appears to recommend doing this, but doing so only spreads the corruption to other invoices or orders.
  • When linkage corruption is present, we can restore the files’ integrity to ensure that no additional errors or warnings are reported.
  • The correct items cannot be guaranteed to have been reattached to all historical invoices, sales orders, or purchase orders.
  • You can remove the invoices, sales orders, and purchase orders and reenter them after we have restored the module’s integrity, or you can simply mark them as BAD.
  • You can use the Menu button to launch the Linkage Corruption Test in our Free Adept Sage 50 Health Check Tool.

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