Error 5030: Feature Not Supported

No Support for This Feature Error: We apologise. Your subscription to QuickBooks Online Essentials does not contain this function.


  1. You need to upgrade your QuickBooks Online membership if you want to be able to create lessons. For the transaction to be completed, kindly click here.
  2. The Essential version does not support the feature you are using. It might be restricted to the Plus version. Check out this comparative table. Please click here to upgrade your subscription.
  3. Your company’s subscription to QuickBooks Online has expired. Click the gear icon to access your account details and update your subscription.
  4. Utilize the SubscriptionStatus name/value pair in the CompanyInfo object to determine the company’s subscription status.
  5. Create your app so that it responds to the subscription state. To decide on next steps, such as cutting off the connection or waiting for the subscription to expire, this may involve getting in touch with the owner of the QuickBooks Online company.

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