How to Fix Error Code H505 in QuickBooks?

Intuit introduced the QuickBooks accounting programme to provide the top business executives with the greatest accounting solution. The majority of QuickBooks’ clients are mid-sized commercial organisations, groups, and companies. It offers a wide range of functions, including a multi-user mode, an automatic payment schedule, business analysis reports, and inventory tracking. But over the past few years, numerous consumers have repeatedly reported the H series problem code. The most typical problem is the H505 code for QuickBooks.

When this error happens, you might see the following message on your desktop screen:

Error Code: H505

Error Description: This company file is on a different computer, and QuickBooks needs some assistance connecting.

What does error H505 in QuickBooks mean?

When a user attempts to access corporate files or data on a computer that is not properly established or that needs additional installation or setup, QuickBooks error number H505 is displayed. The issues with the hosting settings are connected to the H series failures. Because one or more of the user’s PCs are configured to function as the QuickBooks server, this error code appears on the screen. It should be noted that although the user’s computers can operate in multi-user mode, only the server can be set up to function as the host; therefore, only the server system should be used.

What Leads to the H505 error code in QuickBooks?

The following is a list of causes for the QuickBooks Error code H505:

  • The company file’s incoming and outgoing communications are blocked by the firewall.
  • The hosting configuration parameters are bad or wrong
  • QuickBooks files and folders cannot be scanned using the server’s database.
  • .nd file that is broken, missing, or wrong
  • When QuickBooks is unable to locate the computer’s IP address
  • Incorrect DNS settings when the QuickBooks DBXX service is not active

What to Look for in QuickBooks Error H505

  • The very first sign may be the inability to use multi-user mode.
  • Additionally, the QuickBooks software window crashes.
  • System failures occur repeatedly.
  • Alternately, Windows may occasionally become unresponsive and freeze.
  • Error number H505 shows on the screen when the user tries to open the

Fixing QuickBooks Error Code H505: Steps

To fix the QuickBooks Error Code H505: Try these steps:

Solution 1: Make use of QuickBooks File Doctor

Install the QuickBooks File Doctor on the server, then just run it. This will immediately fix all H-series & multi-user issues. Apply solution 2 if the

Solution 2: Check services and hosting.

Step 1:First, you should confirm the services.

Here’s how

  1. Check to see if QuickBooksDBXX and QBCFMonitor are running:
    • Hit the “Windows” or “Start” button
    • Insert the key “Window+R” keys
    • In the run box, enter “MSC” & press “Enter” tab
  2. Find “QuickBooksDBXX service” by doing a
  3. Perhaps the QuickBooksDBXX service is hidden:
    • Confirm that the Database Server Manager is installed on the server
    • Open the QuickBooks, if the user runs the full program on the server. In the end, make sure that the hosting is enabling by verifying it
  4. Check the “QuickBooksDBXX” service’s launch type and service status by opening it.
  5. Hit the “Recovery” tab
  6. Save the changes

Step 2: Verify the hosting

  • On each hosting PC, launch “QuickBooks.”
  • Select “Utilities” from the “File” menu.
  • If “Host Multi-User Access” is visible in the list. Simply put, it cannot host the file on the machine.
  • Select “Stop Hosting Multi-User Access” if it is a choice you can see.
  • Go to the “Company
  • Choose “File Must Be Closed window”
  • Click “Yes”

Solution 3: Editing the host file

  • The “Run window” is first opened by pressing “Windows + R” simultaneously.
  • Then, type “cmd” and press “Enter” to launch the Command Prompt window.
  • In order to proceed, type “ipconfig/all” and then press Enter to execute the command.
  • The “Hostname and IP Address” should be noted somewhere as the final step in this process. For every system that is set up for multiple users, the user must go through the process again.

Edit the Windows Hosts file after that

  • The user must now “shut down QuickBooks” before accessing the “start menu.”
  • After that, navigate to “This PC” and ensure that you can access either “C:WindowsSystem32DriversEtc” or “C:WindowsSyswow64DriversEtc.”
  • In the event that the user is unable to locate the Windows folder in This PC, the next step is to follow the hidden files and folders.
  • Select “hidden items” from the “View tab” menu. The client can view the hidden files.
  • then select “Open” from the context menu when selecting the hosts file and notepad will be displayed
  • The IP Address and Computer Name fields must be filled in next. To put spaces between the IP address and system name when entering the information, the user must press the Tab key rather than the spacebar.
  • Saving the modifications and reopening QuickBooks in multi-user mode are the final steps.

Solution 4:Set up a new folder for the corporate file and permit access to it.

  • Making a new folder on the hosting machine is the first thing to do.
  • Then, ensure that Windows has permission to access the corporate file.
  • Then, transfer the qbw file to the newly created folder.
  • The process is finished by switching to multi-user mode and opening the company file.

Solution 5: A server’s services should be examined.

  • The first thing to do is to launch the start menu and windows tab on the server machine.
  • Enter run after that, then click the run tab.
  • The following action is to enter services.msc in the run tab and press the enter key.
  • Click twice on the QuickBooks DBXX
  • In addition, choose the startup type’s automatic tab.
  • After that, the user must make sure the service is either running or started.
  • pick the Start tab.
  • Push the recovery button
  • Additionally, select Restart the Service from the First Failure, Second Failure, and Subsequent Failure drop-down menus.
  • To save the changes, select the apply tab and then the ok tab.
  • The final step is to complete the process and repeat it for QBCFMonitorService.

Final Remark

This brings us to the conclusion of this post, where we hope the advice provided above will assist in resolving the QuickBooks error code H505 issue. Perhaps even after using all of the aforementioned fixes, the problem still exists. In that situation, all you need is the best enterprise support for QuickBooks.

We are a qualified group of QuickBooks technicians with certification. Contact information for them is +1-866-973-9785. Our knowledgeable staff will be pleased to assist you!



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