How to Fix QuickBooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118 Effectively

Finding efficient fixes when QuickBooks issue 3371 status code 11118 appears on a user’s screen unexpectedly might be difficult. Do not be concerned; we offer a thorough manual for comprehending and addressing the problem.

It is a regular mistake that QuickBooks users encounter when activating the desktop version, therefore many of them look online each month for a solution to “error 3371.” This issue happens when a user tries to activate QuickBooks on another computer using a licence that has already been activated. On occasion, reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop on the same PC can cause issue 3371 in QuickBooks. You receive the error message “Could not initialise licencing properties” when you run across this issue. QuickBooks could not load the licencing data, resulting in error 3371. Depending on the reason for the error, you can receive a different status code. This could be caused by missing or corrupted data. For thorough instructions on how to troubleshoot QuickBooks problem 3371 status code.

Common Occurrences of QuickBooks Error 3371

QuickBooks Desktop encounters the problem 3371 when initialising licencing properties for a variety of reasons. A separate error code is generated by each cause. The examples of QuickBooks error code 3371 that you could encounter when activating the application are all listed below.

Error 3371 in QuickBooks with Status Code 11118

Error 3371 in QuickBooks with Status Code 11118

property initialization for the licence failed. Status code -11118 for error 3371 The licence data could not be loaded into QuickBooks. Missing or damaged files could be the root of this.

What is Error 3371 in QuickBooks?

When attempting to access the QuickBooks application, several technical issues can arise. For instance, if a user has corrupted QB files stored on their device, they may experience QuickBooks Error 3371. This error, which also occurs when activating the software immediately after installation, is accompanied by a message that reads, “QuickBooks could not load the licencing data. Files that are missing or corrupted may be the source of this. Corrupted files are confirmed to be the main cause of the occurrence of the same in the subtext.

How to Spot QuickBooks Error 3371?

This section clarifies the various symptoms that QuickBooks Error 3371 – may present itself in your computer’s software and other hardware.

  1. The QuickBooks tools suddenly stop functioning.
  2. Even with the most recent version, Windows may crash.
  3. QB starts to shut down and open again on its own.
  4. The user’s requests receive no response from the Home screen when it freezes.

Frequently Occurring Causes of QuickBooks Error 3371

The common reasons for QuickBooks error 3371 to occur are described in the following details:

QB signing up. Every time a user opens the QuickBooks application, the dat file, which contains licence information, must be used to validate the user licence. QuickBooks won’t work if this file is damaged or if it’s missing entirely. Consequently, refer to our post How to Fix QuickBooks Registration Error to fix QuickBooks registration.

MSXML component that is broken

A Microsoft component called MSXML is necessary to retrieve data from the QB registration. dat file for the QuickBooks software’s registration verification process. In the event that this system component is broken, the application won’t launch. How to Repair Damaged MSXML is shown here.

Using an outdated version of Windows:

If your operating system is not updated, you can also experience this issue, so upgrade it as soon as possible to the most recent version. Read the FAQ for Windows Update.

Applications for antivirus protection or external system cleaners:

The application files for QuickBooks that can result in this error are occasionally deleted or modified by antivirus or other security software. Exclude the QuickBooks folder and its process from the list of such apps that are scanned to prevent this. Follow How to Add Exclusion to Windows Security for comprehensive details.

Before saving, import the file:

Make careful to save the file before opening it if you’re using QuickBooks Enterprise for multiple users with Web connect, as doing so may result in the application throwing this error. If you use Right Networks or QuickBooks Enterprise and use the Web Connect option, this is the most typical explanation.

How to Fix Error 3371 in QuickBooks Desktop with Status Codes -11118 and 1

Although the following techniques are fairly efficient at fixing error 3371 status code 11118, you must first take the following factors into account:

  1. Prior to a resolution, the most recent version of Windows must be installed on your computer for the QuickBooks installation procedure to be effective.
  2. If trying each of these fixes failed to solve the problem, your Windows package may be damaged. In such circumstances, consulting a technician might be helpful.

Launch QuickBooks Tool Hub’s 3371 Error Fix

The QuickBooks Tool Hub is made to fix practically all of the errors that QuickBooks frequently encounters. In the QuickBooks tool hub, we offer a tool that can automatically correct the 3371 mistake. take the actions detailed below:

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