How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 15222?

Learn what steps you should apply to fix QuickBooks error code 15222

In recent years, QuickBooks has elevated to the top of the list of accounting programmes on the market. In reality, it has altered accounting procedures, which has had a positive impact on users. In truth, QuickBooks has helped a lot of small and medium-sized businesses. Although it is a powerful piece of software, it frequently corrupts work. Many users encounter QuickBooks issues, which can be problematic, particularly if they are not fixed right away. The most frequent technical problem consumers encounter is QuickBooks Error Code 15222.

This error will be thoroughly covered in this article. However, if you have any questions or require any further assistance, contact a provider of QuickBooks error support services.

What Causes QuickBooks Error Code 15222?

When users attempt to download a QuickBooks Payroll or update the QuickBooks Desktop, they frequently encounter the QuickBooks error code 15222.

So, here are few of the reasons why this issue happens.

  • Antivirus and firewall installed in the computer or Antispyware, antiadware, antimalware see the QuickBooks Desktop update as a threat.
  • Internet Explorer not the default browser.
  • The register digital signatures are not working, and they are the function of Internet Explorer.

Users are unable to update QuickBooks Desktop or download payroll when they receive error 15222. Additionally, this is due to the computer’s active QuickBooks Payroll subscription.

Expected Outcome

You will be able to download payroll or QuickBooks Desktop updates.

How to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error code 15222?

To resolve the QuickBooks error code 15222 follow the below mentioned steps.

Solution 1: Update your QuickBooks core data files

In case, your system has any antivirus or antispyware installed, then you will require to update the applications listed below to allow some exceptions.

  • QB32.exe and qbupdate.exe process
  •, and domains

Solution 2: Install a digital signature certificate

  • First thing to do is close QuickBooks Desktop in your system.
  • Users might not be able to see the digital signature if QuickBooks is opened.
  • Now search for the ‘QBW32.exe file‘, and it is located in ‘C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks‘.
  • Now right-click on ‘QBW32.exe‘, and select the ‘Properties‘ option.
  • After this choose the ‘Digital Signature‘ tab and do ensure that you have selected the ‘Intuit Inc‘ from the signature list.
  • Now choose the ‘Details‘ Option
  • After this select the ‘View Certificate‘ option from the Digital signature details window.
  • Now from the Certificate window choose the ‘Install Certificate‘.
  • After this click on the ‘Next‘ tab once finish icon is displayed on your computer screen.
  • Now go to ‘Finish‘ button.
  • Once done reboot your system.
  • Now open QuickBooks to easily download the updates.
  • Download the updates again.

Solution 3: Verify your Internet connectivity

  • You need to check your ‘internet connectivity‘ and ‘modem settings‘ once.

Solution 4: Update Antivirus and Antimalware in Your System

Update antivirus, antispyware, anti malware in your computer and set the following exceptions by including the given domain – ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘qbw32.exe’, and ‘qbupdate.exe’.

Solution 5: Turn Off Windows Firewall

Perform the following tips to turn off Windows Firewall:

  • Click on ‘Start‘ button at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Go to ‘Settings‘ option.
  • Next, click ‘Windows Security‘ option.
  • Click Open Windows Security’ and then ‘Firewall and Network Protection‘ option.
  • Choose ‘Public Network‘, Domain‘, and ‘private Network‘ in sequence.
  • Switch off the Windows Defender Firewall‘ containing the network types.

Check the internet connectivity: Bypassing the router

  • Remove the ‘Ethernet cable‘ that connects modem to the router.
  • Next, plug that Ethernet cable directly into the system and ‘restart‘ the ‘router‘.
  • Check if the system can recognize the system linked to it.

Solution 6: Use QuickBooks Tools Hub

QuickBooks Tools Hub can detect and fix many basic errors. Here is how you can use it:

  • Download ‘QuickBooks Tools Hub‘ (if you already don’t have).
  • Instigate the ‘installation‘ process.
  • Close ‘QuickBooks‘.
  • Open the file you downloaded.
  • Start following the on-screen instructions and continue with the ‘installation’ process.
  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions’.
  • After the installation process is complete, double-click on the icon to open the ‘Tool hub‘.
  • Click on ‘Program‘ problems.
  • Click ‘Quick fix my program‘.
  • Open ‘QuickBooks Desktop‘.
  • Open the ‘data file‘.

Final Words..!

These steps are not that complicated, and users can easily fix the QuickBooks error code 15222. But if the problem persists then seek assistance from QuickBooks Payroll Support team +1-866-973-9785. You will get the feasible solution for your QuickBooks related problems from the accounting expert.

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