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The process isn’t returning and can’t locate the settings in the ads.ini file, which leads to this error.

How to Resolve Error 5185 in Sage BOB 50?

When a user tries to install a local reference to the server but is unsuccessful, Sage 50 BOB Error 5185 occurs. Unable to establish a connection for the installation, upgrade, or update procedure is one of the main causes of the issue.

Sage 50 BOB Error 5185 has a few common causes, including:

  1. The violation of the policy or licence agreement is the primary cause of the error. This prevents the data transfer feature from working in the web browser or other internet programmes.
  2. The connection between the middleware server, down-net server, and terminal server could also be improperly configured, which could also result in the issue.
  3. When installing software during a CPU upgrade or replacement when the device loses connectivity.

For any Sage Accounting Software-based application that is made to share records with the database server. The easiest way to view the statistics is through the customer application.

The local dll server has an increase in memory, and it is possible to use the dll local server to access the information. The local dll server gives Sage 50 users this benefit. We advise you to utilise all local, internet, and other servers so that the statistics can be processed even from a remote computer.

Fix for Error 5185 in Sage BOB 50:

The four stages you must take are as follows:

  1. To have access to the internet and other net applications, make sure your internet connectivity is adequate. The fundamental characteristic is how you want the replacement or installation to be done.
  2. Verify your system meets all requirements including the minimal machine requirements. While also updating the software, it lessens the risk of any errors.
  3. Verify the validity of the licence. If so, renew it by accepting the terms and conditions in order to extend the date.
  4. You should have an ads.Ini document in your Windows settings in case the error persists in your software. It turns off the test settings so you can fix Sage 50 Bob error 5185.

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