Sage Line 50 Error With Sdo Setup | +1-866-973-9785

This error’s simple fix involves registering Sage data objects once more and turning on third-party integration in your Sage accounts.


On the Integration Status page for your business, you are receiving the following error message.

Error Connecting to Desktop: When connecting to your Accounts Package, the following problem happened: Sage 50 Accounts SDO version must be updated in order to use this feature.

Applies To

  • Sage 50 UK&I integrated companies.


The following are the most frequent causes of this error:

  1. The PC where Sage is installed is not the same PC where the Desktop Sync App is installed.
  2. The most recent version of the Sage application needs to be updated.
  3. Sage has been updated to the most recent version, however your Desktop Sync App also needs to be updated.


The following are the stages for each of the aforementioned causes:

  1. Make sure the Sync App is installed on the same PC as your Sage software. For your integration to function effectively, this is crucial.
  2. Make sure all company files connected to the Sage programme are updated, and check your Sage application for updates.
  3. Please consult this manual to see whether your Sync App needs to be updated.

After you have finished all of these steps, sync your company data again with AutoEntry, and the problem should disappear shortly.