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Email MAPI Error Sage 50 While Sending Email or Customer Invoices

Issue Name: SAGE 50 email MAPI Error During Emailing
Applicable for Product: Peachtree , SAGE 300, Sage Contractor 100,Sage 50,Sage 50 Accounts,Sage Line 50,Sage 50 Premium,Sage 50 Canada, SAGE 100, SAGE ACT
Description: When a user tries to send an email or send customer invoices via Email, MAPI Email has occurred and Sage is unable to communicate the Email Program So email sends failed.
Errors Messages: “Email MAPI error: An error occurred in sending the message.
“Error 2 MAPI_E_FAILURE” when trying to email
Reports: Not Applicable

What Is the Sage 50/Peachtree MAPI Email Error?

One of the routine tasks in any organisation is sending invoices via email. Sage 50 makes it simple for us to manage accounts with labor-intensive and advanced options. No piece of software is completely error-free, we’re afraid. Therefore, users occasionally may see a sage 50 Email Mapi problem when using Sage for accessing emails and sending estimates and transactions. It fails to send emails and blocks the open window. The erroneous setting of Outlook, damaged and corrupted data, among other things, are the causes of this unpleasant Email Mapi issue. Let’s examine the problem and its solutions in greater detail.

Why Did Sage 50 Experience A MAPI Error?

Sage 50 invoice error is another name for Sage 50 Email MAPI. Unexpected error messages like these frequently appear when submitting an email address. It makes Sage 50’s ability to send invoices through email more difficult. This annoying problem has numerous causes, including damaged essential files and others. Sage 50 email MAPI error causes and effective fixes are compiled in the post below.

Despite the many advantages, working with Sage 50 may present you with some technical difficulties, which is a very common occurrence. The Emailing Mapi Error Sage 50 is one illustration of this error. Additionally, Sage 50 Email Invoice Not Working is a result of the MAPI fault.

Data processing in firms has been more accurate and reliable thanks to Sage 50 accounting software. Regardless of the industry in which your organisation works, managing financial transactions and maintaining a balanced sheet are basic accounting tasks.

You can get in touch with the Powerbookllc Sage Support staff, who are professionals in dealing with different Sage 50 technical issues, for additional information about the mistake and its related aspects.

Major causes of Sage 50 Email MAPI errors

The causes of the error include:

  • You may have multiple Outlook versions installed in your system
  • Your Outlook may be set as Run as Administrator whereas Sage 50 may be set as User. This leads to a conflict between the two settings
  • Improper email settings could be one reason.
  • May be due to the old version of the software and application.
  • Attack the virus on your system.
  • Improper shutdown of the system.
  • Missing set default programs and multiple software installed on your system could be one reason.

In order to identify the underlying causes of such issues, users can also examine Why Sage is Unable to Send Emails. You encounter the issue when attempting to email an invoice. A return code displays along with the MAPI problem. Normally, when an error occurs, you will see the notice “Sage 50 Email MAPI error: An error occurred in sending the message. Reply Code 26

How to Resolve the Sage 50 Email MAPI Return Code Error

The MAPI error may be to blame if Sage 50 is giving you trouble sending or receiving emails. You may find instructions on how to resolve the Sage 50 Email MAPI Error here.

Solution 1: Ensure Windows is updated

  • Choose Windows Start
  • Select Control Panel
  • Click Windows Update
  • Check for updates
  • You can directly navigate to the Microsoft Update website and get the latest updates from there

Solution 2: Make the settings default

  • Sign in as an administrator
  • Go to Windows Start
  • Choose Control Panel
  • Select Default Programs
  • Click Set your default programs
  • Also, choose your desirable default e-mail program from the list on the left pane
  • Choose Set this program as default
  • Click OK
  • Choose Set program access and computer defaults
  • Click Custom and get the list through the down arrow on the right pane
  • You will get Choose a default e-mail program option
  • Select the suitable program from there
  • Restart the email software program
  • Restart Sage 50
  • Verify the email address is used
  • Email the required transaction using the software

In order to avoid any problems, you should also get in touch with the Sage Chat Support Live team before changing the Email programme in Sage 50.

Solution 3:  Make sure Add-in for Outlook is all installed on your sage 50

  • Close Sage 50 software
  • Shut down Outlook
  • Reinstall the Sage 50 software
  • You will get a message saying “You currently have Sage 50 installed …”
  • Click OK when the message is prompted
  • Select Add/Remove Program Components
  • Click Next
  • Clear Add-in for Microsoft Outlookcheckbox
  • Click Next
  • Repeat the process but this time tick the Add-in for Microsoft Outlook checkbox to get the feature enabled on the reinstalled version
  • Now email the required transaction using the software

Solution 4: Run Sage as Administrator:

If you want to access Outlook through an application then both of the applications must be in the same context. Follow the below steps to run Sage 50 as an Administrator:

  • Explore the Sage 50 Accounting program icon on your desktop, give a right-click on it
  • Choose Properties option
  • Click on the Compatibility button
  • After this place a checkmark in the field for Run this program as administrator
  • Hit on OK button

Solution 5: Use Windows to send a file

  • Right-click on the desktop
  • Select Create New
  • Choose Text Document
  • Right-click on the new document that opens
  • Choose Send to
  • Select Mail Recipient

Solution 6: Verify outlook account is set up or not:

Firstly check the below instructions:

  • Make sure you have installed an email application that is accurately set up via the email address
  • It should be a MAPI compliant email program
  • Make sure it is set as the default email program in the system
  • Check if you have Sage 50 2016 or an advanced version. Because these updated versions do not require to use of Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, or other MAPI-compliant applications.

After this follow the below pointers:

  • Write the vendor or customer email address in the vendor record in the address option
  • Explore transaction hit on the Email icon appears on the top right or invoice or File
  • Afterward, choose the Email option
  • Check the information and then hit on Send
  • If prompted choose Allow option

Added fixes for the Sage 50 Email MAPI Error

Just follow the below steps to resolve the sage 50 email MAPI error.

Step 1: MS Outlook 64-bit

Microsoft Outlook must be 64-bit. A lower version will not be compatible.

  • Your Sage 50 is not friendly with Microsoft Outlook 64-bit.
  • Uninstall Microsoft Outlook 64-bit.
  • Download Microsoft Outlook 32-bit.
  • Install Microsoft Outlook 32-bit.
  • Try sending a default mail to check if the issue is resolved. If you can’t solve this issue with this solution, move on to another solution.

Step 2: Reviewing Microsoft Outlook for Any Issues

  • Move to your MS Outlook and choose From the drop-down menu Outlook Diagnostic.
  • Establish Outlook Diagnostic and run it.
  • It will discover and resolve any mistakes on MS Outlook.
  • Try sending a default mail to check if the issue is resolved. If you can’t solve this issue with this solution, move on to another solution.

Step 3: Installing Microsoft Windows Update

  • Visit the Windows Control panel.
  • Review for any pending Windows Updates.
  • If you get any pending Windows Updates, permit them to update.
  • Stay until Windows Update is installed.
  • Try sending a default mail to check if the issue is resolved. If you can’t solve this issue with this solution, move on to another solution.

Step 4: When Your Printer Won’t Update

  • First, go to your default Printer’s Settings and tap on the help
  • From there, choose Run Diagnosis.
  • You’ll see any pending settings that haven’t been updated.
  • Update all the settings one by one.
  • Try sending a default e-mail to review if the error is resolved.

To get further assistance from Powerbookllc Sage 50 Tech support team experts, you can call on Sage 50 support number toll-free +1-866-973-9785 at any hour of the day.