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Sage 50 Installation Error Code 1721

The majority of firms select Sage 50 software because of its extensive accounting functionality. It acts as the ideal instrument for ensuring hassle-free data processing and error-free bookkeeping. But occasionally, a technological problem will interfere with the software. Sage 50 mistake 1721 is one illustration of this type of error. When installing or uninstalling software from the system, the problem occurs. It is best to first speak with Sage Support on the interoperability of the systems.

The great team of specialists at can assist you in resolving any technical problems you may encounter while using Sage 50. The Sage 50 technical experts are always available to help you, whether you need assistance with installing, uninstalling, or opening the software.

Why 1721 Error Occurred During Sage Software Installation

The major causes that lead to the Sage Error include:

  • Trouble installing Windows. It must either be registered or not registered.
  • Corrupt files are present in the Windows installer
  • Registry cleanup is performed wrongly.
  • Install the newest version of Windows

The error message that customers see when one of the aforementioned causes causes an error is “Error 1721: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. Unable to start a software necessary for this installation to finish. Make contact with your support staff or the package provider.

How can I resolve Sage Insatall Error 1721?

Option 1: Resolve Windows Installer

  1. PC restart
  2. Register as the Administrator
  3. Choose My PC
  4. Go to C: Windows System 32.
  5. Find the exefile and right-click it.
  6. Select Properties
  7. Choose a version. You can view the Windows installation version by doing this.
  8. You can: if your PC runs Windows XP Service Pack or a later version
  • Click on the Start menu
  • Select Run Command
  • Type CMD in the text box
  • On the Command Prompt window, enter either msiexec/unregisteror msiexec/regserver


10. The installer will reregister as a result.

11. Install Sage 50 again

12. Regulating the registry

13. Sage 50-related delete keys

Option 2: Reinstall the software

  1. Reconnect a device with Sage 50 installed on it that is external
  2. Remove Sage 50 from your computer.
  3. Install it again at the program’s default location on your operating system.

Option 3: Miscellaneous steps

  1. You have an inbuilt Windows Cleanup feature. Use it
  2. Install the latest Windows installer package
  3. Download and install Registry Cleaner and run it to scan as well as rectify the error

Sage 50 1721 Error Troubleshooting Technical Support

Contact the Sage 50 section of for support if you need more explanation or a demonstration of the preceding processes. The professionals are accessible to clients and customers around-the-clock. Sage Error 1935 or any other software-related issue, team will assist you with all types of problems on Sage 50 Chat Support, no matter how serious they are.
Please contact Sage 50 Tech Support at +1-866-973-9785 for free USA / CA toll-free assistance.