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Sage 50 Error: Unable To Register Data Source

Users may encounter numerous issues when launching Sage50cloud Accounts. The most frequent issues are the inability to register data sources and the failure to register the library. How to resolve the Sage50 cloud accounts issues is described in the post below. If you plan to troubleshoot a Sage 50 Error Connecting To Database issue or problem, this will also be helpful.

Sage 50 Pro, Premium, and Quantum Data Source Register Error Troubleshooting


What Are the Root Causes of the Sage 50 “Sage 50 Unable to Register Data Source Error”?

  • The incorrect system regional settings
  • Invalid password
  • Unable to run any reports due to an expression library registration error
  • Management report to the linked data source could not be run.

How to Fix Error Messages from a Register Data Source?

Make sure you have downloaded and installed the system updates before moving on to the quick fix techniques.

Check If You’ve Used CCleaner Registry Cleaner

Method 1: Using CCleaner To Clean Junk File?
If so, you can use it to correct the issue. To install Sage using the installation files, follow these steps:
If you have downloaded Sage 50cloud Accounts or the entirety of the disc, look for the packages folder there by doing the following steps:

  • Hit the Windows key plus the R key.
  • Run window will be shown.
  • Enter%temp%
  • Hit OK
  • Double-click on the Sage Accounts 28 0 folder or Sage Accounts based on the version that you may find by
  • searching for it.
  • Double-click on the Packages folder after finding it.
  • Double-click Sage50Accounts DataAccess.msi after looking for it.
  • proceed after the wizard
  • if the system or server where Sage account data is stored has the Sage Data service installed.
  • Running the Sage50Accounts DataAccess.msi file is all that is necessary.
  • If the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistribution package installation screen occurs, click “Ok Now.” Install the
  • package’s 32-bit version by downloading it.
  • Reinstall the components for data access.
  • The downloaded file can be found underneath the packages folder in the Redist folder.
  • Double-click Sage50Accounts Client.msi to find it.
  • then adhere to the wizard’s directions.
  • Double-click Sage50Accounts ReportPack.msi by doing a search for it.
  • Next, follow the instructions of the wizard
  • Find the age50Accounts_ODBC_x64.msi file and then follow the instructions of the wizard
  • If the error persists then check the regional settings of the computer. Ensure that the regional tab is set to English
  • Next, adhere to the wizard’s directions.
  • Locate the age50Accounts ODBC x64.msi file and then adhere to the wizard’s instructions
  • Check the computer’s regional settings if the error continues. Verify that English is selected under the regional tab.

Sage 50 Regional Setting Check

Check the Regional Settings

  • First of all, Hold down the Windows & R key from the keyboard simultaneously
  • Enter intl.cpl
  • Hit OK
  • It will appear in the window named Regional & language
  • Give a click on the drop-down named Format
  • Choose English(UK)/English(Ireland)
  • Hit on the tab which says Location
  • Choose the drop-down named Current location
  • Select UK or Ireland
  • Choose OK button
  • If the error still bothers you then choose the Next button

Install Sage 50 Repair Tool

Method 2: Repair Install:
Try a Sage Account repair install with the below steps:

  • First of all, put the Sage Accounts CD
  • Hit Install button
  • If you downloaded Sage Accounts then double-click on the installation file
  • In case you failed to download the installation file then re-download the file
  • Once there launch a prompt
  • Hit Repair button
  • Once the repair installations are complete then verify the issue is fixed
  • If an error persists then hit Yes below instead of No

Data Source Registration Error – Help Accountant SAGE

Hopefully, this article enabled you to fix Sage 50 unable to register Data source error while saving time. You have now fixed the incorrectly aligned regional settings to fix the problem. However, if the fault continues or you are having problems, call in the experts. To contact the team, dial the Sage 50 Chat number or phone number.

FAQs – Sage 50’s Registration Data Source Failed OS X, Windows 11, 10, or 9

How would I check the Sage updates?

  • The simplest method to install any updates is to click on the Check for Updates
  • Next hit the Help button
  • Choose the Check for updates tab
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions on the prompts

How can I verify the current version of Sage 50?

  • Launch the Sage 50cloud Accounts
  • Click on the menu bar
  • Choose Help button
  • Select About tab
  • Give a click on the section named Program Details
  • Verify the version number

How can I fix the damaged installation files of Sage 50?

  • Put the Sage Accounts CD
  • Hit Install button
  • Locate downloaded installation file and double-click on it
  • Choose Repair button