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SAGE 50 Email Invoicing Error On Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, or Company Mail

Sage 50 Email Sending Error

Issue Name: An error occurred in sending the message From SAGE 50
Applicable for Product: Sage 50 Payroll, Peachtree, Sage Instant Payroll, Sage 50 Payroll Version 19, Sage 50 Payroll Version 20, Sage 50 Payroll Version 21, Sage 50 Payroll Version 22
Description: Facing a problem while sending customer invoices via Email in SAGE Software Getting some Error code like communication error, default mail not set up…
Errors Messages: “Email MAPI error: An error occurred in sending the message.”, “Error 2 MAPI E FAILURE”, “Sage 50 Cannot Communicate With Your Email Program”
Reports: Customer Invoices, Daily Reports, Sale Report, Year End Report

How to Fix Sage 50 Email Problem

Sage is a fantastic business bookkeeping tool with a large range of products that are combined with different functionalities in accordance with the needs of small and medium-sized business owners. SAGE 50 is an important Sage tool among many others. Business administration programming is SAGE 50. It takes a member to access this SAGE item. The United States is where the product is primarily sold. It used to be called Peachtree Accounting (U.S.). When Simply Accounting removed the U.S. feature, SAGE 50 data arrangement was already exposed. Learn the complete procedure for fixing the SAGE 50 MAPI Error.

Sage 50 is frequently confused with Sage 50 accounts by many people. But the last is only a portion of the first. Sage 50 makes a number of programming-related references. Additionally, a problem can occur when a user wants to send invoices. Error message for Sage 50: No default email found. Sage 50 is a set of programming tools for business management that includes a number of virtual applications, including Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 HR, Sage 50 Manufacturing, Sage 50 Forecasting, and others.

The product suite is now widely used all over the world and is an incredibly effective business administration system. It has been improved over time as a result of changing circumstances, and now best serves organisations all over the world. The customer chooses SAGE 50 Cloud Hosting from Powerbookllc in order to work smoothly with Sage software.

What are the causes of Sage 50’s inability to send emails?

There may be a few causes for this problem if you are unable to send any emails from your Sage account. Here are a few possible explanations for why Sage 50 cannot send emails.

  • Sage 50’s most recent version is not set up.
  • Sage 50 and the pc you are using are inconsistent with the email software.
  • Your email client is not configured as the default in Windows.
  • User Account Control (UAC) stops email software from communicating with Sage 50.
  • There is no email client on the pc.
  • The email writer was damaged.
  • The configuration of email writer has not been configured.
  • Your version of Windows is Expired.

Error Sage Email Generic Com

You can email reports and outlines using Microsoft Outlook or webmail with the aid of Sage Accounts. For instance, you can notify a partner for an unusual answer while sending reports and entering an email address at the cause for the report. On the other hand, you can configure records to routinely send to email addresses that you provide or email addresses that come from your Sage Accounts data.

Checking the Setup of Sage Email

You should first work on SAGE 50 Email Setup before sending records by email. You must complete the following:

  • Set up your email’s default settings.
  • Add the document’s email settings.

If there is a problem with the mail setup for SAGE 50, call the SAGE 50 Support Phone number to get it handled by professionals.

How to Resolve Sage Email Invoices Issues

If any of the following are how you send and receive messages, you can skip straight to the Steps tab during SAGE 50 Email Setup.

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Gmail
  • Windows Live Hotmail
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Yahoo Plus! Mail
  • AOL
  • Company Mail

If you’re not using one of the options mentioned above, you must first check and note the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) settings for your email provider before configuring the settings in Sage Accounts. Learn more about how to fix the Sage 50 Won’t Email Invoices problem.

Programming for email is not Sage 50. It requires cooperation from other email users in this way, and it’s possible that you’ll run into the SAGE 50 Email Send Error. You can get the SAGE 50 Email Send Error and not be able to send mail using SAGE 50. If you know you’ve introduced the correct email customer but are still unable to send an email, you can try the following:

  • Verify that your PC is set to use your email client as the default email software.
  • Error: “Email MAPI error: An error occurred when sending the message.” Technique 3, Strategy 2 (Vista/7/8), or KB10731 (XP)
  • Go to Default Programs in the Control Panel. Set your email client to your default settings, then click Set this program’s defaults, and make sure Send Mail is checked under MAPI.
  • Finish Sage 50 and Outlook if, despite everything, it fails to send emails. To access Control Panels, Programs, and Features, click. Click Change after selecting Sage 50 Accounting. When the notice “You now have Sage 50 installed…” appears, click OK. Select Program Components under Add/Remove and click. Next Click Next after unchecking Add-in for Microsoft Outlook. Reiterate a similar approach and re-check the box next to Add-in for Microsoft Outlook to reinstall the add-on. Email the exchange from Sage 50 at that point.
  • You might need to remove and reinstall your email programme if, despite everything, it fails. In the unlikely event that you must enrol in this course, kindly reiterate your email first.

Steps to Fix Unable to Email From Sage 50

The best solutions are available to help you resolve the problem of not being able to email from Sage 50. After identifying the reasons, choose the appropriate solutions and implement them correctly. You can use the solutions provided below to help you figure out the issue on your own.

  • Inspect for default applications in your Windows system
  • Ensure to Run Sage 50 as an Administrator
  • Check and Verify Outlook’s Default account
  • Disable the User Account Control
  • Set up or Establish your Email as the default program in Windows
  • Update the Windows system
  • Install the latest Sage 50 service release or sage 50 product update
  • Check and verify the default account in outlook
  • Run Microsoft Outlook as an Administrator

Sage is unable to send email via outlook

The tool may inform a user that there is a system fault when they attempt to email a client from Outlook but it doesn’t work. They can see an issue when attempting to send crucial emails using Outlook. A Sage 50 wallet issue in their system could be the cause of this error. Users who use Sage 50 with Outlook 2016 on Windows will see an error notice.

When utilising Outlook 365, there are a number potential reasons why the Sage 50 Error may occur. An issue with your email account is the most typical cause. The list of causes for Sage 50 Error Using Outlook 365 is shown below.

  • Windows Software systems not working properly.
  • A faulty and incomplete email setting resulted in an error.
  • “Sage 50 as a User” is incompatible with “Run as an Administrator”.
  • The user may have multiple versions of Outlook installed at once.
  • If you’re using Sage 2016 or an earlier version of Sage with Outlook 2016.

Sage 50 2022 email not working

When emailing a document from a web-based email account, you may see the following message:

  • ‘Unable to send all emails
  • Error with the address: Unable to connect to the remote server’.

Email providers who use the server are impacted by a change in how Microsoft previously hosted their SMTP servers. There is a remedy! Simply change your email settings to point to a different server to ensure that you receive all necessary communications from clients and business partners.

Sage 50 has no Email Program or Default Profile

When you use webmail that is not linked to the Sage 50 programme, you may experience Sage 50 no email or default profile. You must come up with a fix for this problem. Here, you can learn more about both the causes and the solutions.

Additional Fixes for Sage 50 Email Not Working

You can find the best methods to fix the problem of not being able to receive emails from Sage 50. After determining the problem, choose the appropriate solution and carry it out effectively. You can use the solutions provided below to help you figure out the issue on your own. View the answer below.

Solution 1: Verify your Windows system’s default applications.

  • Tap on the Windows Start menu button
  • Choose Default Apps
  • Now change your default app for an email to another email program
  • After that again change the app to the default app
  • Now check it in Sage software.

Run Sage 50 as an Administrator, as described in Solution 2.

  • To proceed, first, close the Sage 50
  • Then proceed to the Sage icon on your desktop
  • Right-tap on the Sage icon
  • Then select run as administrator
  • Check your email when Sage opens.


  • Right-tap on the Sage 50 icon
  • Now Select the option Properties
  • Tap on the Compatibility tab
  • Pick the checkbox that says Run program as administrator
  • Press the Apply button
  • After that tap on the ok button
  • This opens Sage 50 and then confirms that the email is working.

Solution 3: Double-check the default account in Outlook.

  • First, start the Microsoft Outlook program as an administrator
  • Tap on the File menu option
  • Also, select the Account Settings option
  • Again, tap on Account Settings
  • Check in the Type field if there is a note for the default account
  • Now, close MS Outlook
  • Check email functionality in Sage Software.

Disable User Account Control as a fourth option

  • Press the Start menu button
  • Tap on Search Field
  • Then type UAC (User Account Control)
  • Select the option switch User Account Control Settings
  • You have to drag the slider to the Never notify option
  • Then press the OK button to save the changes
  • If a pop-up asks do you want to allow this app to edit your advice?
  • Click on the Yes button to continue
  • Restart the system for the changes to be saved and take effect.

Setting Your Email as the Default Program in Windows is Option 5

  • First, shut down the Sage 50 software
  • Now, you need to set Windows default, email client
  • Click More Info to check the instructions for each Windows version
  • Then open Sage 50 and check that the email can be done easily.

Update the Windows system as a sixth option.

  • Go to the Windows setting
  • Then proceed to Update and check for updates
  • Then download the update
  • When the download is finished, install the update
  • Now, restart the computer.

Install the most recent Sage 50 service release or product upgrade as a seventh option.

  • Open the Sage 50 Program as an Administrator
  • Then tap on the Services option
  • Further, tap on Check for Updates option
  • Press on Check Now
  • Then choose the Download Sage
  • When done, tap on the OK button and then close the Sage 50 software
  • When you relaunch Sage 50 the installer for the service release opens to install the update.
  • If you see a Windows security warning on your screen, tap the Yes button.
  • Now, it installs the update and then confirms the problem by sending an email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I do if I am unable to email from Sage 50?


  • Close Outlook and Sage 50 if it still won’t send emails. To access Control Panels, Programs, and Features, click. Click Change after selecting Sage 50 Accounting. When the message “You already have Sage 50 installed…” appears, click OK. Click Next after selecting Add/Remove Program Components. Click Next after unchecking the Add-in for Microsoft Outlook box. To reinstall the add-on, follow the same steps again and check the box for Add-in for Microsoft Outlook again. Send the Sage 50 transaction by email after that.
  • You might need to uninstall and reinstall your email programme if the problem persists. If you must travel in this manner. Please first make a backup of your email message.

Difficulties Sending Emails

Follow all of the instructions below to fix the problem if you are unable to email documents from Sage 50cloud Accounts or Sage 50cloud Payroll.

✔ Restart your computer.
✔ Check you’re using a compatible version of Microsoft Office.
✔ Check you’ve installed all required updates for Sage 50cloud Accounts or Sage 50cloud Payroll.
✔ If you’re not using Microsoft Outlook, check your SMTP settings and webmail password are correct.